Monday, September 27th, 2021

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Crime Stoppers More Than Doubles Reward For Tips

Greensboro/Guilford Crime Stoppers at a press conference on Tuesday, Sept. 21 announced it was more than doubling the maximum reward available for an anonymous tip. Crime Stoppers will now pay a maximum of $5,000 for an anonymous tip that leads to an arrest.  The former maximum payment was $2,000.

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City Council Meeting Begins With Historic Swearing In

The Greensboro City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 21 was doubly historic. First, new Councilmember Hugh Holston was sworn in virtually by Greensboro City Clerk Angie Lord. Holston became the first city councilmember to ever be sworn in via Zoom, and Lord became the first city clerk to ever swear in a councilmember virtually.

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GDOT Finally Proposing Traffic Calming Devices For Neighborhoods

Residents of Greensboro got some great news during the transportation update at the City Council work session on Friday, Sept. 17. The Greensboro Department of Transportation is finally going to start taking action to slow traffic through residential neighborhoods.  Cockburn said that GDOT had been getting complaints about speeding through neighborhoods, usually about “cut through” traffic, for at least a decade.  It has actually been at least three decades, but Cockburn said the city has had limited options available to reduce cut through traffic in neighborhoods.

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City Is Booting Homeless From Immediate Premises Of City Hall

For at least the past several years homeless people have been allowed to occupy areas at night around city hall in downtown Greensboro. On Thursday, Sept. 16, Interim City Manager Chris Wilson sent out an email to city employees announcing that people would no longer be allowed occupy the ‘immediate premises’ of our buildings.”

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Unknown Redistricting Committee Approved By City Council

The Greensboro City Council unanimously approved the Citizens’ Redistricting Committee without knowing who is on that committee. At the Tuesday, Aug. 31 meeting the City Council approved the seven-member redistricting committee knowing the race and gender of the appointees but nothing else about them.  It may be the first time the City Council has ever appointed a committee not knowing the name of a single member.

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Council Discussion Of Life Cycle Planning, Not What You Think

The item on the agenda for the City Council work session “Life Cycle Planning” sounds like a social services issue or maybe something an insurance agent would talk about. As it turns out, the “Life Cycle Planning” coming up at the Thursday, Aug. 26 work session has nothing to do with life except for the lifespan of inanimate objects.

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