The Gist is the City of Greensboro’s monthly e-newsletter that bills itself as “Your short and sweet digest of the biggest City news and happenings.

Guess what isn’t considered big news or even news at all by the City of Greensboro?

If you guessed a grant for a tree canopy project or the return of the Neighborhood Toolbox program, you would be wrong.

However, if you guessed the fact that Tai Jaiyeoba suddenly resigned as Greensboro city manager in the middle of the Tuesday, March 5 City Council meeting, you win first prize.

It’s not surprising that The Gist, which is sent out by email once a month, does not dwell on news that reflects poorly on the city.  No one expected to find an article about the domestic violence incident at the home of former City Manager Jaiyeoba on Dec. 28, 2023 in The Gist.

But you would think that any change at the top of heap of city employees would deserve a mention. The Gist has a lot of links to longer articles, and there is a link to a synopsis of the March 5 City Council meeting.

Far and away the two most important things for the future of Greensboro that happened at that meeting were that Jaiyeoba resigned from his $320,000-a-year job and that the City Council by a 5-4 vote passed a three-month severance package for Jaiyeoba.  People resign from positions with the City of Greensboro all the time, but the overwhelming majority do not receive a severance package when they resign.

Four members of the City Council thought it was a bad idea and voted against it. In order for the severance package to pass, somebody had to contact City Councilmember Yvonne Johnson, who did not attend the meeting in person, and get her online so she could provide the fifth vote.

It also seems like it’s news that Deputy City Manager Chris Wilson is now once again interim city manager.  Wilson was also interim city manager from when David Parrish resigned as city manager on June 30, 2021, until the City Council hired Jaiyeoba on Feb. 1, 2022.

It appears that if people are interested in the “the biggest City news and happenings,” The Gist is not the place to look for them.