Good news for the regular folks who would like to see the police body-worn camera (BWC) videos from the Greensboro police officers who responded to 911 calls about domestic violence at the home of Greensboro City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba on the night of Dec. 28, 2023.

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, North Carolina Superior Court Judge Allen, in response to a number of inquiries from the attorneys representing the City of Greensboro, amended his previous timeline and ordered the BWC videos to be released by March 4.

In an email, Baddour stated, “I am amending the timeline, and ordering the production of the video within 14 days of the hearing, which is March 4 (not the entry of the order).”

The previous order had given the City of Greensboro 21 days to release the police BWC videos.

Greensboro Chief Deputy City Attorney Tony Baker, in a previous email, requested that the city be allowed “to have an audio/video specialist to enhance the audio on that portion of the video that depicts the first officer on scene speaking to the Chief via cellphone. The Chief’s comments may be enhanced and made audible. We believe his comments to that officer will help to dispel the alleged coverup.”

About that request, Baddour, who has viewed the BWC videos, stated, “I did not include any limitations on the media/plaintiff uses of the video, and also would not limit the city, police etc. on its use. I would consider this order to be the full release of the video, and either party can use excerpts without court approval. I suppose that means they can also enhance or manipulate it, though they may be careful what they wish for.”

Greensboro Senior Assistant City Attorney Andrea Harrell asked if posting the BWC videos on the Greensboro Police Department webpage would constitute “release” of the video as ordered by the court.

Attorney Mike Tadych, representing the News & Record that filed the lawsuit requesting the release, objected to this method of releasing the video stating that the proposed order was “that the recordings be released to The News & Record and its counsel.”

The City of Greensboro had earlier requested that the videos be released for viewing only by the City Council and select city staff members and the court granted that request.

After members of the City Council viewed the BWC videos, the City Council issued a press release indicating that there was no reason for the public to view the police BWC videos and that “the City Manager did not receive preferential treatment.”