The Greensboro City Council is trying a new tactic to cover up whatever happened at the home of City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba on Dec. 28, which resulted in four Greensboro police officers and Guilford County Emergency Medical Services responding to a 911 call.

According to a press release from the City of Greensboro, “The entire body of the Greensboro City Council has reviewed the body worn camera video from the Dec. 28, 2023, police response to City Manager’s Jaiyeoba’s home.”

And determined for the people of Greensboro there is nothing to see.

This is the same City Council that kept the people of Greensboro from knowing anything about this event for almost a month from Dec. 28, when it happened, until Jan. 23, when the Rhino Times published the first article about it.

That first Rhino Times article had to be corrected because the city refused to release official information about the incident until after the article was published.

The mistake in the news coverage that the city was most upset about was the quote from the CAD report, “CALLER ADV CITY MANAGER IS KILLING HIS CHILDREN.”  However, days later when the City of Greensboro finally found the time to officially release the CAD report, it still read, “KILLING.”

The CAD report has reportedly been altered to read, “CITY MANAGER IS HITTING HIS CHILDREN.” But if that rewrite was done the city did not find it necessary to release the rewritten CAD report to the Rhino Times.

On Monday, Feb. 19, the News & Record will be in court requesting that the body-word camera (BWC) videos that the City Council viewed this week be released to the public. The City of Greensboro will be opposing that request. According to the press release, the belief on the City Council is that the councilmembers have seen the BWC videos and there is really no need for rank and file taxpayers to watch the BWC videos and make up their own minds about what happened on Dec. 28, 2023.

The City Council watched the videos and reported that “nothing happened.” Certainly the taxpayers should be willing to completely trust the members of the City Council to be honest and transparent.