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Rhino Shorts: Feb. 22, 2019

The next fiscal year starts July 1, 2019 it should not be shocking that city staff is talking about budget projections for the upcoming year.  But when the next fiscal year is mentioned my head uncontrollably jerks around

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Rhino Shorts: Jan. 3, 2019

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for a few months now and it is an amazing device.  Sitting at a long boring City Council meeting I can check and see if boredom makes my heart rate go up or down.  Then I can try to lower my heart rate...

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Rhino Shorts: Dec. 6, 2018

We have traditionally run corrections in Rhino Shorts and even though with an online publication there’s not much need for corrections, since you can correct a story at any time, I thought this one was worth running.

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Rhino Shorts: Nov. 15, 2018

For fans of Rhino Shorts, rest assured the online Rhino Times will continue to publish Rhino Shorts, but they will be posted as they are written throughout the week. Under the Hammer will also be posted throughout the week.

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