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Ask Carolyn: Sept. 18, 2020

My computer is a mess. And I feel like I am being watched through my laptop. I am involved in a divorce. The family used my computer before my husband moved out. Now I have the laptop, and I am using the computer to communicate with my attorney. My attorney has my email address and sends legal documents through the computer. Is my ex-husband able to see these legal documents? Can I be stalked through my laptop?

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Ask Carolyn: August 28, 2020

My divorce is haunting me. I mean, I feel like the house is haunted. Rationally, I do not believe in ghosts, but the spirit of my ex seems to be everywhere I turn in the home where we used to live together. We lived here for 10 years. We built this home together. I took the house in our equitable distribution settlement, thinking it would be the right lifestyle decision, but it has not happened that way. I met a new male friend, and he is not excited about the concept of us living in my “ex’s old house.”

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Ask Carolyn: August 14, 2020

I have been with my significant other since 2007, and he has a daughter that I have thought of as my own. She was 13 when we met, and her mother basically threw her out at the age of 12. She is 26 today, and I still consider myself as her mother due to when she needed advice, money, support or anything she always called on me.

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Ask Carolyn: July 24, 2020

So my husband and I got married without rings because my ring wasn’t ready. My husband bought the rings out of his paycheck after we were married. I was not working. We are now going through a divorce. He still owes on the rings. He filed the divorce because I had to get an emergency order of protection on him, so he filed. Is the ring debt considered marital debt? Are the rings marital or non-marital property?

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