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Ask Carolyn: July 24, 2020

So my husband and I got married without rings because my ring wasn’t ready. My husband bought the rings out of his paycheck after we were married. I was not working. We are now going through a divorce. He still owes on the rings. He filed the divorce because I had to get an emergency order of protection on him, so he filed. Is the ring debt considered marital debt? Are the rings marital or non-marital property?

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Ask Carolyn: June 26, 2020

My husband moves my keys around the house. I know where I left them, but he says, “No, you didn’t leave them there. I didn’t move the keys.” He also moves other things around like my favorite coffee cup and my cell phone. He then says I am “crazy” when I cannot find these items. I stay home and I feel powerless. He controls the money. I know he is doing these things. What do I do?

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Ask Carolyn: June 12, 2020

My ex hid assets during our marriage and, boy, do I not trust him. I am trying to find them. In looking at our bank statement from the last year of the marriage, I see about $5,000 a month disappear or other mysterious expenses. What can I do to find these assets? I feel defrauded. Why did I ever trust him?

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Ask Carolyn: May 22, 2020

I lost my job. I filed a motion for reduction of my child support, as my unemployment check is inadequate to allow me to live and to pay the ordered amount of child support. I am doing my best, but my best is not enough income right now. When will my motion be heard? I cannot hang on much longer, as my cash reserves are low. Will I be safe at the Greensboro courthouse? I also worry about COVID-19 and public gatherings.

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