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Goodbye To Sound of the Beep

It’s time to wish the Sound of the Beep a fond farewell. 

We started running the Sound of the Beep at The Rhinoceros Timesin the mid 1990s.  I had read an article about a newspaper hooking up an answering machine to a phone line and transcribing the results to the delight of its readers.  I called up the editor to find out if there was more to it than that.   He said that there wasn’t and warned me that for a month or two we’d be inundated with calls but then the calls would dwindle down to a couple a week.

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The Sound Of The Beep: Feb. 5, 2019

Hello, I’m calling in about the Democrats that are holding the government hostage. I would like to say this to Nancy Pelosi.  The American people do not want you as Speaker and it just so happened that you got it. But we the American people are holding you accountable for this shutdown.

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