The Greensboro City Council really, really doesn’t want the people of Greensboro to see the police body-worn camera (BWC) videos of Dec. 28, 2023, when Greensboro police officers responded to 911 calls reporting domestic violence at the home of City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba.

Attorneys from the Greensboro city attorney’s office opposed the release of the BWC videos at a hearing before North Carolina Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour on Monday, Feb. 19.

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, Baddour ruled that the police BWC videos of the officers responding to 911 calls reporting domestic violence at Jaiyeoba’s home be released. The email to the attorneys states, “I will release the footage from the night officers responded to the scene, but require blurring of the minor child and muting/silencing her statements. Also blurring any identifying information about the house (like a street number).”

Baddour ruled that the police BWC videos from the police officers’ vehicle and the the police BWC videos of the adult children returning to gather their belongings not be released to the public.

After that ruling, Greensboro Chief Deputy City Attorney Tony Baker requested that Baddour reconvene the hearing. The email to the court manager states, “Will you please ask Judge Baddour to consider reconvening the hearing on this matter now that he has seen the video. The City would like the opportunity to present additional arguments to the Court in light of the Court having seen the videos. Further, The City has a couple of questions regarding the impending Order that we believe are best addressed on the record – answers to which will help Mr. Tadych [Mike Tadych, the attorney representing the News & Record that requested the release] draft the proposed order.”

The request to reconvene the hearing was denied by Judge Baddour.

The City of Greensboro requested that the Greensboro Police Department be allowed three weeks to blur the images and Baddour did grant that request.

If Greensboro doesn’t appeal Baddour’s ruling, in three weeks the Greensboro Police Department will be required to release the police BWC videos of the incident at Jaiyeoba’s home on Dec. 28. So it appears that by about March 12 the people of Greensboro will have the opportunity to see what really happened at the city manager’s home on Dec. 28, and perhaps be able to figure out why the Greensboro City Council fought the release of the police BWC videos.