The order to release the body-worn camera (BWC) videos of the domestic disturbance incident at the home of Greensboro City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba on the night of Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2023 has been signed by North Carolina Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour.

The Greensboro Police Department (GPD) is ordered by the court to release the BWC videos from incident on Dec. 28, 2023 by Monday, March 4 to the News & Record and its counsel.

The City of Greensboro opposed the release of the BWC videos in court on Feb. 19 and has continued to request that the release of the BWC videos be delayed. In an email to the court on Monday, Feb. 26, Chief Deputy City Attorney Tony Baker requested that the release of the videos be delayed until March 11 “to allow counsel the opportunity to discuss this matter with the City Council at the next scheduled meeting on March 5.”

The release date of March 4 was not altered in the order signed by Judge Baddour.  The City Council can hold a special called meeting any time it chooses with 48 hours public notice and can hold an emergency meeting with as much public notice as possible.

Since the request for the BWC videos to be released was made by the News & Record on Feb. 5, and the ruling by Judge Baddour was made on Feb. 21, the City Council has had plenty of time to meet and discuss the release of the BWC videos if it so desired.

The order only releases the BWC videos from Dec. 28, when Greensboro police officers and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded to 911 calls reporting domestic violence at the home of Jaiyeoba at 10 Postbridge Court. Judge Baddour denied the requested release of BWC videos made from a GPD officer’s vehicle on Dec. 28 as well as BWC videos from Dec. 29, Dec. 30 and Jan. 5, which were follow-ups to the incident on Dec. 28.

The order also requires that the image of a minor child be blurred and the child’s comments muted and that identifying features of the house, such as the house number, also be blurred before release.