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Uncle Orson Reviews Everything: June 6, 2019

Biopics — biographical movies — are devilishly hard to do well. Especially when everybody knows the subject of the movie.Then, if you really want to practically guarantee a botched job, you do a biopic of a singer.  Then your lead actor not only has to nail the appearance and manner of the subject, he also has to singlike him.  (Or you try to lip-sync the recordings you have of the real person, which always looks kind of awful.)

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Uncle Orson Reviews Everything: May 22, 2019

Here’s why screenwriters should do whatever they can to work in television instead of movies.The movie Booksmartlooks like a great high school comedy. Filthy language, lots of sexual innuendo and teasing, probably, because that’s where things are going in that genre, especially when it’s about empowering women, but it’s still a movie that I plan to see.

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