A draft of the court order to release the police body-worn camera (BWC) videos from the “physical domestic disturbance” at the home of Greensboro City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba on the night of Wednesday, Dec. 28 confirms that at least one rumor about the incident is true.

The draft is currently being circulated to attorneys involved in the case and may be amended before being approved by North Carolina Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour.

Baddour outlined the key elements of the order – that the BWC videos from Dec. 28 would be released to the News & Record and the date would by Monday, March 4 – but the draft order itself was written by the attorney for the News & Record, Mike Tadych.  The attorneys for the City of Greensboro and other attorneys involved in the case now have the opportunity to comment and offer suggestions. Judge Baddour will determine how the final order reads.

According to the draft order, “City Manager Jaiyeoba suffered a dislocated shoulder during the incident.”

The fact that Jaiyeoba injured his shoulder was known, but the exact nature of that injury had not been reported.  Jaiyeoba was seen in public after the incident with his arm in a sling, which led to the supposition that his shoulder had been dislocated, but it had not been confirmed.

In one of the 911 calls on Dec. 28 from Jaiyeoba’s home, a female caller states, “I hit him and pushed him and his arm is broken.” The earlier reports indicated that Jaiyeoba’s arm was not broken but that his shoulder had been dislocated as the draft court order confirms.

The first responders to the 911 calls were Emergency Medical Services (EMS), but it is unknown whether Jaiyeoba was transported by EMS or not.

It is also confirmed in the draft order that Jaiyeoba called Greensboro Police Chief John Thompson before Greensboro police officers arrived at his home at 10 Postbridge Court on Dec. 28 and that “Chief Thompson talked with the first GPD officer responding to the scene to give instructions and to tell the officer that the Watch Commander – the highest-ranking officer on duty at the time – would be en route.”

The draft order also notes that the City of Greensboro filed its request to have the police BWC videos released “only to the City Council and select staff members as designated by Council” after the News & Record published an article stating that the News & Record would be filing an action seeking the release of the police BWC videos.