It is being reported that the sudden resignation of Greensboro City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba is related to the domestic disturbance at his home on Dec. 28, 2023 and the police response to the 911 calls.

However, Mayor Nancy Vaughan has said repeatedly that Jaiyeoba’s resignation was not the result of the incident on Dec. 28 or the body-worn camera (BWC) videos that were released to and viewed by the members of the City Council. The request by the News & Record to release the BWC videos to the public is still in court.

After the City Council meeting on Tuesday night, March 5, Vaughan said, “I don’t believe the city manager did anything wrong on Dec. 28.”

Today Vaughan said, “The city manager violated an internal policy that other employees have been fired over, and that’s why I didn’t vote for any severance.”

One could infer from that statement that if Jaiyeoba had not resigned, he would have been fired. But neither Vaughan nor any of the city councilmembers who have been asked would confirm that.

Vaughan said that the City Council learned of this violation of internal policy by the city manager last week, so the process moved along pretty quickly.

The split 5-4 vote by the City Council to accept Jaiyeoba’s resignation and provide him with a severance package on Tuesday night was caused by a disagreement over the severance package offered to Jaiyeoba which consisted of three months of salary and benefits.

Three of the four no votes–Vaughan and Councilmembers Zack Matheny and Hugh Holston–have all said on the record that they voted against the motion because of the severance package, but were in favor of accepting the Jaiyeoba’s resignation.

Councilmember Sharon Hightower was the only member of the City Council who said that she was against accepting the city manager’s resignation and explained that she was voting for the motion because she supported the severance package.

Deputy City Manager Chris Wilson was appointed interim city manager by the City Council. Wilson also served as interim city manager after David Parrish resigned on June 30, 2021. There was no controversy over the resignation of Parrish.  He actually did resign to spend more time with his family and he received no severance package when he resigned.

Former City Manager Jim Westmoreland resigned March 2, 2018, for personal reasons, and again there was no controversy over his resignation and Westmoreland did not receive a severance package.

On Feb. 3, 2014, Denise Turner Roth resigned as Greensboro city manager in order to accept a job in the Obama administration. Roth received no severance package when she resigned.

In October 2011, former Greensboro City Manager Rashad Young announced he was resigning to accept a position as city manager of Alexandria, Virginia. There was no controversy over Young’s resignation and he didn’t receive a severance package.

So the two big questions are: Why did Jaiyeoba resign and why did he receive a severance package when the four previous city managers who all resigned didn’t?