And yet another twist in the Regency Inn debacle.

At the Feb. 5 meeting, City Councilmember Zack Matheny stated that the city should find some way to acquire the Regency Inn property and then the city would have more control over how it is developed into permanent supportive housing for the homeless.

Currently the property is owned by Partnership Homes Inc. (PHI) and the city is negotiating with Step Up On Second Street Inc. to develop the old motel into permanent supportive housing.  Step Up On Second Street, however, doesn’t have a contract or an agreement in place to purchase the property from PHI.

On Thursday, Feb. 8, Mike Cooke, president of Partnership Homes, sent an email to the Greensboro Housing and Neighborhood Development Department Director Michelle Kennedy offering to transfer the Regency Inn property to the city.

The email from Cooke states, “PHI wishes to start a process whereby we deed the property to the City of Greensboro and be made whole for our out-of-pocket expenses to insuring and maintaining the property. As you know we have kept the property in good repair until early December 2023 when the weather turned cold and the break-ins and vandalism started anew. Our continued requests to Neighborhood and Development for assistance in maintaining the property while the Step Up debacle has played has met with silence. Therefore in December we shut down all systems at the property but continue to insure it at a cost of approximately $3,000/month.”

As Matheny noted several times at the City Council meeting, the city invested $3 million in the Regency Inn property in 2021, but, now, in 2024, doesn’t own it and still doesn’t have a viable plan to develop the old motel into permanent supportive housing.

Cooke, in the email, also states, “We have acted in good faith throughout this process in spite of being replaced as the developer in August 2022. The revisionist history and evolving false narrative regarding PHI’s involvement and the general history of the project are shameful. I am prepared to speak with anyone or share any documents/info/communications that anyone may wish to see in this regard.”