The City of Greensboro issued a statement on Thursday, March 7 refuting what Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilmember Tammi Thurm have said about the resignation of former City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba.

Vaughan was quoted in the Rhino Times stating, “The city manager violated an internal policy that other employees have been fired over, and that’s why I didn’t vote for any severance.”

Thurm was quoted in the News & Record as saying that she opposed the severance package for Jaiyeoba “because he resigned due to a violation of policy that other people have gotten fired for.”

This is the “City of Greensboro Statement:”

“In response to recent media reports alleging violations of personnel policy by former City Manager Taiwo Jaiyeoba, the City of Greensboro wishes to clarify the facts.

“The City did not initiate an investigation into any purported violation of personnel policy by the City Manager.

“Consequently, without an investigation, no determination can be established regarding any alleged breaches of personnel policy.

“Furthermore, the City of Greensboro is bound by strict protocols and state statutes regarding personnel privacy. As such, the City is legally unauthorized to disclose details surrounding the resignation of the City Manager or provide verification on the circumstances prompting his departure.

“The City of Greensboro remains committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and accountability in all aspects of its operations.”

In response to that statement, Vaughan said, “The City Council is limited by law on what it can disclose. While there was no investigation, based on confidential information that we received, it is my opinion that there was a violation of personnel policy.”

City Councilmember Zack Matheny expressed outrage over the “City of Greensboro Statement.”

Matheny said, “I absolutely wholeheartedly disagree with the city statement and I am disappointed that they would make such a claim without consulting the City Council.”

He said, “For the city to come out and make that statement is simply wrong.”

And he added, “Its unbelievable. I don’t know who has the authority to make such comments without the authorization of the City Council, and what they state is incorrect. Whoever wrote it needs to tell us why they felt the need to send that out.”

Matheny called the statement “stupid” and added, “I have to disagree with the city’s statement since it is simply incorrect.”

Matheny also agreed with statements made by Vaughan about the resignation and said, “He did not resign because of anything related to the body-worn camera videos and the 911 calls. It has zero to do with anything related to that.”

So, on one hand you have three members of the City Council publicly stating that Jaiyeoba resigned because of a violation of city policy, and the “City of Greensboro,” whoever that is, saying that is incorrect.

It would appear the story of Jaiyeoba’s resignation is far from over.