A lot of Greensboro voters will most likely go to the polls only to find out that they are not in the 6th Congressional District. Most of Greensboro was moved to the 5th District in the latest redistricting.

Since the 6th District leans heavily Republican and is an open seat, a good many Republicans from across the state have filed to run. The 6th District is also enticing to Republican candidates because not only did 6th District Congresswoman Kathy Manning decline to run for reelection, no other Democrat filed to run either, which means the winner of the 6th District Republican primary is essentially elected to Congress.

There are six Republicans in the race. And while a couple have massive amounts of PAC money and impressive endorsements, the best candidate is former 6th District Congressman Mark Walker.

Voting for candidates who have never held office is a tricky business. What they say on the campaign trail and what they do in office may be entirely different.

With Walker, the voters know what he will do in office, because he’s already been there and done it.

Walker was first elected to represent the 6th District in 2014, and that Republican primary was even more crowded than this one – with nine candidates.

After one term in Congress, Walker was elected chair of the Republican Study Committee, a powerful group of very conservative Republican representatives. He also served as vice chair of the Republican Conference.

Walker appeared to be well on his way to significant leadership positions in Congress, but his career was cut short by redistricting.

The redistricting for the 2020 election switched the 6th District from leaning Republican to heavily Democrat. Walker chose not to run in an election he couldn’t win.

In 2020, Walker announced he was running for the open Senate seat in 2022, a race that was won by Sen. Ted Budd.

Walker also launched a campaign for North Carolina governor, but once the redistricting for the 2024 election was approved, Walker dropped out of the governor’s race to run for his old seat in Congress.

With Walker, voters know what they will get if they send him back to Congress – more down-to-earth conservative leadership.

The fact that other candidates are running negative ads about Walker is a good indication that he is the front runner, and also that some candidates have big money behind them.