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Letters To The Editor: May 27, 2020

Voting is an essential activity in a democracy. It must be taken seriously. If a state deliberately develops a secure process, openly evaluated by all interested parties and approved by pre-designated legislative pathways, they have the right to implement universal mail in ballots. The decision should not be hastily instituted by one person in silence. No party should be allowed to implement it under COVID emergency powers.

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Letters To The Editor: May 5, 2020

Hey, Roy.  (Yes, I know that form of address to him is considered disrespectful by some, but I have always lived by the philosophy that respect is earned, not given.) I know things like laws and your oath of office are considered by you to be suggestions to be adhered to when it suits you. And you make this very obvious by your total and blatant disregard for both the US and North Carolina constitutions by forbidding us to worship in our own ways and sending law enforcement out to harass, intimidate and punish citizens exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assembly.

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Letters To The Editor: May 1, 2020

Many state politicians rushed to increase restrictions to position themselves as proactive. Many policies were counterproductive. Several stay-at-home restrictions were created based on the assumption that people would forget to implement the measures. We would forget our masks and to remain separated by six feet. The policies took this into account. However, they forgot that people are social beings. Long periods of overzealous restrictions would eventually be ignored or openly fought. Less restrictive realistic scientifically based measures would have been more likely to be followed for a prolonged period of time.

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