The Greensboro City Council is holding a closed session at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5, prior to the regular meeting that begins at 5:30 p.m.

The rumor is that the closed session is to discuss the continued employment of City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba and that a vote will be taken at the public meeting to accept his resignation.

At, on the article headlined “Police Chief Announces City Will Appeal Court Ordered BWC Video Release,” GSOInsider commented, “Taiwo Jaiyeoba has been fired. The City has not made a public announcement yet it is coming.

“Ask Zack Matheny. He’ll confirm.”

In reply to several comments, GSOInsider commented, “The City Council will be voting on terminating his contract before Tuesday’s Council Meeting.”

Several people who closely follow the workings of city government confirm that they have also been told that Jaiyeoba will be terminated at the March 5 meeting, but what hasn’t leaked out is why the City Council would terminate Jaiyeoba’s employment contract. It doesn’t appear to be about the domestic disturbance at Jaiyeoba’s home on Dec. 28, 2023.

The City Council has stood behind Jaiyeoba as far as the domestic disturbance incident, despite the fact that, according to Metro 911, one of the callers to 911 from his home said, “Taiwo Jaiyeoba, the city manager of Greensboro, is hitting his children.”

According to court documents, Jaiyeoba suffered a dislocated shoulder in that incident.

On Feb. 9, Mayor Nancy Vaughan issued a press release that included, “As a governing body, we support the excellent work City Manager Jaiyeoba continues to do for our community.”

On Feb. 15, after viewing the body-worn camera (BWC) videos from the police who responded to the 911 calls, the City Council issued a press release in support of Jaiyeoba stating, “Furthermore, in our view, the City Manager did not receive preferential treatment.”

And the City of Greensboro has fought the release of those BWC camera videos to the public. Attorneys from the Greensboro City Attorney’s Office opposed the release of the BWC videos in court on Feb. 19, and then tried to have the release date delayed. Finally, on Monday, March 4, the date North Carolina Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour had ordered the BWC videos released, Greensboro Police Chief John Thompson announced the city would be appealing Baddour’s ruling.