Friday, July 19th, 2019

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State Budget Debacle Could Be Good News For Guilford

The latest report out of the budget impasse in Raleigh could be great news for Guilford County.  It appears Guilford County is being considered for the new Department of Health and Human Services headquarters.  It’s a $250 million project which would bring an estimated 2,000 jobs to the county.

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City Council In Different Venue, But Same Old Meeting

The Greensboro City Council took its show on the road Monday night with mixed success.The monthly City Council town hall meeting held Monday, July 8 was at the Barber Park Event Center on Barber Park Road instead of in the Council Chambers at city hall.  It was also held on Monday instead of Tuesday which is the usual City Council meeting day. 

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Ticketed Brush Pile Deemed Danger To Morals

Last week the Carroll Companies, which owns this publication, received a ticket from the City of Greensboro for some small piles of brush on the 6.6 acre site at the corner of Hobbs Road and Friendly Avenue which has been cleared of buildings and is zoned for mixed use development.

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Good Repair About Esthetics As Well As Safety

If there was still any question about the purpose of the proposed “Good Repair” ordinance being only about safety, it was dismissed at a meeting to discuss possible changes to the proposed ordinance held Friday at 9 a.m. in the office of the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC).

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Economic Development, Tell Our Story Better

Economic development in the region and where it’s going from here was the topic discussed by a panel of economic development professionals at a luncheon held by the Realtors Commercial Alliance of Greensboro in the Greensboro Regional Realtors Association office on Oak Branch Drive on Tuesday, June 25.

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Police Release Body Worn Camera Videos

The Greensboro Police Department has released the body worn camera videos of the officers involved in the incident on Monday, June 17 on Maybank Drive involving Aaron Michael Andrews who stopped breathing while Guilford County Emergency Medical Services was preparing to transport him to the hospital and was pronounced dead about 20 minutes later

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Council Delays Economic Development Funding

Earlier this week the Rhino Times posted an article, “Public Not Informed Of Public Hearing.”  The agenda for the Tuesday, June 18 meeting stated that a public hearing had been held on June 4 on the “proposed economic development appropriations” but the agenda for the June 4 meeting had no such public hearing listed and no public hearing was held.

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City Council Passes $566 Million Budget – Twice

The Greensboro City Council passed the $566 million 2019-2020 budget with a 3 cent tax increase, a 4 percent water rate increase and a new $2.50 monthly recycling fee and there is no doubt about it because the Council passed the budget twice at its meeting Tuesday, June 18 in the Council Chamber.

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Greensboro Files For Dismissal Of Marcus Smith Lawsuit

The attorneys representing the City of Greensboro and eight police officers who have been sued by Mary and George Smith the parents of Marcus Deon Smith who died Sept. 8, 2018 after being in police custody, filed a motion Thursday, June 13 to dismiss the case for failure to state a claim that entitles them to relief.

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Water Rates Going Up: Water Usage Going Down

Water rates in Greensboro are going up 4.5 percent beginning July 1, assuming that the Greensboro City Council approves the budget recommended by City Manager David Parrish. Since the City Council has shown almost no interest in the budget that seems like a sure thing.

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