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Guilford Big Loser In Proposed State Education Bond

Somebody in Raleigh doesn’t much like Guilford County, in fact a whole bunch of folks must not like Guilford County judging from House Bill 241 which if passed would put a referendum for a $1.9 billion bond for statewide education construction on the ballot in 2020, but wouldn’t do much for Guilford County.

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Under The Hammer: Feb. 28, 2019

The whole Michael Cohen Congressional testimony provides a fascinating look at the wonderful world of politics.  Back when Cohen was in President Donald Trump’s camp, the Republicans put a lot of credence in what he said and the Democrats said he was a sleazy lawyer and a liar.

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You Asked For Advice, You Got It

Mayor Nancy Vaughan has asked for advice on how to make the City Council meetings run smoother and be more productive.

Having attended the vast majority of City Council meetings since 1992, it would be shocking if I didn’t have some advice to offer.

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Rhino Shorts: Feb. 22, 2019

The next fiscal year starts July 1, 2019 it should not be shocking that city staff is talking about budget projections for the upcoming year.  But when the next fiscal year is mentioned my head uncontrollably jerks around

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Councilmember Wrong About Police Response Times

District 1 Councilmember Sharon Hightower frequently complains about the treatment her district receives from the city.  At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5 one of her complaints was that the police responded to calls in her district slower than they did to calls in other City Council districts.  Hightower said, “My district doesn’t get any kind of response.  They don’t get fair treatment across the city.”

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Hardister Comes To The Aid Of Those Who Love Dogs And Beer

Social media is pretty amazing.

Thursday afternoon Joymongers Brewing Co. posted a notice on its Facebook page stating that because of a Guilford County Health Department interpretation of state regulations, dogs would no longer be allowed in the brewery taproom. According to the post because taprooms were not defined in the regulations the Guilford County Health Department had decided to treat taprooms as restaurants. 

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Cooper Caught In Yearbook Photo Controversy

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper issued a strong statement calling for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign because of the photos that may or may not be Northam in “black face” or dressed as a member of the KKK on his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook page.

But there are some similar photos in the yearbook for UNC-Chapel Hill in 1979, when Cooper was a student and a member of the Chi Psi fraternity, that were revealed in an article in the British newspaper The Daily Mail on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

The photos in the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook are on Northam’s personal yearbook page; and whether he is in them or not, according to one of the editors of the yearbook, the students submitted the photos for their personal page, although Northam now says he did not submit that one.

Regarding the Northam photos, Cooper stated:“This is a reprehensible picture that is deeply disappointing and I know must come with pain beyond what many of us can even understand.  Resignation is the only way forward.”

In the UNC-Chapel Hill yearbook for 1979, while Cooper was a student at Carolina, there is a photo of two members of the Chi Phi fraternity in KKK garb with a noose around the neck of a white man made up in black face, and on the next page are more students made up in black face. 

The photos are of the Chi Phi fraternity and Cooper was a member of Chi Psi, so it is a different fraternity; and unlike Northam there is no indication that Cooper had anything to do with the photos, but Cooper’s name appears in the yearbook on the page after the offending photos.  Evidently Cooper missed the yearbook photo shoot for his fraternity and is listed as “Not Pictured.”

The Daily Mail ran a long story on the photos and on Cooper, noting that Cooper had demanding Northam’s resignation because of photos on Northam’s page in his medical school yearbook.

Northam first apologized for the photos and then denied he was in them or even knew where they came from.  Northam, however, has admitted to being made up in black face for a party while he was a student.

The photos in Yackety Yack, the Carolina yearbook, are from a different fraternity, and in the photo of Cooper’s fraternity, Chi Psi, there appears to be a couple of black members.  It seems highly unlikely that a fraternity with black members would also have white members made up in black face for parties or dressed up as members of the KKK.

But the photos are in the Carolina yearbook on the pages before Cooper’s name and he made no mention of them when he called for Northam to resign.

So far, Cooper has made no public statement about the yearbook photos.

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Council Considers Ending Recycling Program

Tuesday City Council talked about pulling the plug on the entire recycling program. 

Greensboro Field Operations Director Dale Wyrick was going over options for the City Council to consider next year when recycling in Greensboro is going to get a whole lot more expensive. 

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Carroll Announces Purchase Of Site At Hobbs And Friendly

Roy Carroll, president and chief executive officer of The Carroll Companies, tweeted an announcement today that The Carroll Companies had purchased the 6.6 acre site at the corner of Hobbs Road and Friendly Avenue, that had been the center of one of the most controversial zoning battles in recent times

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