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Unprecedented Warfare

The Left launches unprecedented legal warfare against a former President and popular champion of the American people.

They cause the United States of America to be mocked worldwide as a de facto banana republic as they attempt to imprison their chief political opponent….

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Being Rewarded For Breaking The Law

One, if not the biggest item in this campaign is the illegal aliens streaming across our borders. There is very little, if any, action being taken by this administration to control it, and we are seeing the results. American citizens, some being children, are being attacked and in too many cases killed, by illegals. Laws are being broken and then selectively ignored by government officials, and in some cases result in American citizens being injured or worse yet, killed. Add to that how cities are giving these illegals basically everything American citizens have to work hard for and then expecting those same citizens to pay for it by raising taxes and cutting important services like fire and police. A veteran is ignored while an illegal is showered with gifts. I defy anyone to defend this (National Socialist) Democrat Party agenda…

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The Eternal Battle Between The People And The State

Every democracy invariably devolves into a bifurcation of Left vs. Right. That’s because of the unending battle for power between the government and the governed, between the state and the people.

The power balance has historically been one-sided, with the state exercising almost all power and the people very little. But as feudalism and serfdom slowly gave way to nascent republics and liberty, one nation in particular rose up by explicitly espousing the radical notion that the people were sovereign, not the state….

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What Can You Do Now?

Last’s weeks’ court decision produced a chorus of “What Can I Do About This?” among many of those I know.  In response, I wanted to share some tangible actions that are readily available in this situation.

Attend local GOP meetings and events –
Join one of the many county GOP clubs
Volunteer at the local GOP office
Volunteer for a Candidate…

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“Lawfare” Is Already Spreading

“Lawfare” Is Already Spreading

“Lawfare” has already been unleashed on common citizens.

Trump recently lost a criminal trial.  The chief witness admitted to embezzlement.  Even biased journalists questioned the “hush money case.”

Conservative pundits fear this will encourage similar abuse against common citizens. It already has.

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Roy Carroll: Why I’m Selling the Rhino Times

As I sit down to pen this farewell article, I’m filled with a mix of emotions. It seems like just yesterday when I embarked on the journey of owning and steering this beloved publication. Yet, here we are, at the crossroads of change and transition…

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A Tale Of Two Civil Rights Museum Policies

When one talks about racism and the International Civil Rights Center & Museum in Greensboro, one should keep the following Associated Press articles in mind.

The articles involve a failed and a successful tour of the ICRCM by two well-known politicians. The failed attempt resulted from a denied appointment; the successful attempt was an unscheduled, walk-in off the street visit…

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Gaza Situation – Living in A Bizzare World

I was just listening to the news and a comment was made about the current situation in Gaza.

The animals responsible for the current situation (Hamas) have been backed into a corner and are on the verge of being made irrelevant when all of a sudden doddering Uncle Joe shows his true colors by ordering the withholding…

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Letter To The Editor About Washing Machine Advice

“Customer Service” and American know-how do not exist anymore. 

After many long years of faithful service, our Frigidaire refrigerator finally pooped out.  Not quite dead, but too late to save economically.  Fortunately, we have a friendly back-up in the basement, so we are doing our steps every day.  So after researching ourselves to frustration, we learned a few things….

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Why Vote For Joe Biden?

    Dear Editor, Why Joe Biden? The Houston Chronicle makes a solid case in their endorsement of President Biden for a second term: **** He’s the oldest and most experienced president in U.S. history. **** The economy...

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