Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Author: Scott D. Yost

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County Looks At Taking Charge Of Building Schools

Guilford County government spends nearly half of its budget each year on school capital projects and school operations, and one Guilford County commissioner is now proposing that the county explore a bold way to reduce one of those costs – by moving Guilford County Schools facilities construction and maintenance operations under the county’s facilities department.  

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High Point Council Names Manager For The Near Future

The High Point City Council was split last month on whether or not to accept the resignation of former High Point City Manager Greg Demko; however, on Monday, June 15, the council was completely united – 9 to 0 to be exact – in offering a contract to Interim City Manager Randy McCaslin to fill that job – for the time being.

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On-Again Evictions Are Suddenly Off Once Again

Tenants who haven’t paid rent or made mortgage payments just got yet another reprieve from being thrown out of their homes, due to an 11th hour, Saturday, May 30 statewide extension of a moratorium on evictions that will allow occupants to stay in place for at least a few more weeks.

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State Sees Most Virus Confirmations For A Single Day

Memorial Day weekend may very well be a holiday, however, a new stat from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) showed that COVID-19 hasn’t been taking any days off when it comes to spreading in the state. On Saturday, May 23, the department reported that North Carolina had just experienced its highest one-day number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases – 1,107 in all.

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