Now that it appears crystal clear that developer David Couch is going to seek the de-annexation of Town of Summerfield property to build his residential and mixed-use development, leaders of the town are gearing up for a fight that will take place in the North Carolina General Assembly – the body that will decide whether or not Couch is allowed to remove about 1,000 acres from the town and build his development the way he sees fit.

On Tuesday, March 19, the town clerk of Summerfield sent out a notice that the Town Council would hold a special meeting in order to strategize and put into practice efforts that will help convince state legislators to vote against de-annexation.

The special called meeting will take place on Friday, March 22 at 4 p.m. at the Summerfield Town Hall.

The official stated purpose of the meeting is to discuss “an outside attorney contract (Jim Hoffman), a resolution opposing legislative de-annexation of properties in Summerfield, and a texting PR campaign for de-annexation.”

The town has already taken steps, such as hiring a lobbyist, to make its case to the General Assembly.

Summerfield recently received some moral support from the nearby town of Stokesdale, where the Town Council voted unanimously to back Summerfield in its fight against de-annexation. One concern Stokesdale’s leaders have is that, if it can happen to Summerfield, it can happen to their town as well.

Stokesdale adopted the resolution after NC Sen. Phil Berger visited Stokesdale’s leaders and informed them that he intended to back a bill that included the de-annexation of Couch’s Summerfield property in the General Assembly’s legislative short session in Spring of 2024.