Former President Donald Trump showed on Tuesday, March 5 – Super Tuesday, that is – that he is highly popular among Republican voters across the country; and that proved to be the case in Guilford County as well, where Trump pulled in just over 69 percent of the votes cast for president in the Republican Primary.

That’s an impressive victory. However, it does show that Trump is not quite as popular in Guilford County as he is statewide. In all votes across North Carolina in that race, he pulled in 790,750 votes, which gave him nearly 74 percent of the total votes cast.  Last woman standing challenger Nikki Haley finished with just over 23 percent statewide.

The remaining votes were split among other candidates who had already pulled out of the race, as well as the No Preference votes.

In Guilford County, the only other Republican presidential candidate to pull in over 1 percent was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  Next came No Preference, which beat out all of the remaining candidates in votes cast by Guilford County voters.

The complete list of how Republican candidates and former candidates fared in the county is as follows…

Donald Trump                     30,298            69.39%

Nikki Haley                           11,969            27.41%

Ron DeSantis                      652                 1.49%

No Preference                     350                 0.80%

Chris Christie                       171                 0.39%

Vivek Ramaswamy             147                 0.34%

Asa Hutchinson                   39                    0.09%

Ryan Binkley                       36                    0.08%

The vote totals are yet to be certified, and some provisional ballots are not included in the election night numbers. However, the results show a crystal clear picture of who Guilford County Republicans want to see as their next president.

As impressive as that victory was, in Guilford County, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. trounced his only opponent, No Preference.  The president got 39,783 votes from county voters, which gave Biden an 89.81 percent victory over his less than formidable opponent.

 Unlike Trump, Biden did better in Guilford County than he did statewide. Across all votes in the state, Biden received 87.32 percent to No Preference’s 12.68 percent.