Some people never pay any attention to what their elected county leaders are doing – other than to complain when property taxes are due – while some residents take great delight in following just about every detail of county government.

For those who fall into the second category, they now have the opportunity to watch the Thursday, March 7 and Friday, March 8 Guilford County Board of Commissioners Retreat thanks to modern technology.

Before the pandemic, if you wanted to follow the two-day meeting where the board deals with big issues each year, you would have to come and sit in on the meetings for two long days. Now, however, in 2024, the county livestreams the event, and, this year, it’s coming to you live from the completely renovated Congdon Yards Event Center in High Point.

If you want to watch in person, the Board of Commissioners Annual Retreat is being be held at Congdon Yards at 410 W. English Road and there’s plenty of parking for everyone.

The 2024 retreat begins at 9 a.m. each morning and is scheduled to last until 5 p.m. each day.  This year, the board is dealing with issues like water infrastructure, zoning concerns, economic development and much more. Also at the retreat, the board will reevaluate its priorities and set goals for fiscal year 2024-2025,  which begins on July 1.

The board will also receive information from county staff on current initiatives and legislative opportunities.

For those who wish to watch on their computers or watch or listen on their smart phones they can do so over Zoom by visiting, completing the webinar registration and choosing an audio option.

After joining the webinar, you can also listen by telephone by calling 646-828-7666 and entering the webinar ID 160 834 0343, if required.

The meeting will also be livestreamed on Guilford County’s Facebook page.