Hackers who went after Greensboro College got some of the most valuable personal information hackers can get ­– Social Security numbers.

And, though the scope of the attack still isn’t completely clear, one sign that it was quite vast is that some of the stolen information involved a teacher who taught there a quarter of a century ago and has had no other relationship with the university since.

Greensboro College is now in the process of warning those affected by the security breach that happened in mid-2023.

Data theft victims have just received a letter stating: “Greensboro College is writing to notify you of a recent event that may affect the privacy of certain information related to you. This notice provides information about the event, our response, and resources available that we are offering at no cost to you to help protect your information from possible misuse, should you feel it appropriate to do so.”

The “What Happened?” section of the letter states that the college detected “potentially malicious activity” on some of its computer systems.

Once the college discovered the breach, college officials notified law enforcement agencies, and conducted an internal investigation to determine the extent of the problem. That investigation found that some computer systems were subject to unauthorized access between August 10, 2023 and August 21, 2023.

Some of the data stolen includes names and Social Security numbers.

The college completed its study in early February of 2024 and began sending out notices.

Greensboro College stated that it is now, “instituting additional technical safeguards and policies and procedures,” and added, “Our response to this event also included prompt reporting to law enforcement and notification to relevant state and federal regulators.”

Greensboro College is offering those affected access to 24 months of credit monitoring and identity theft protection services at no cost.