The next fiscal year starts July 1, 2019 it should not be shocking that city staff is talking about budget projections for the upcoming year.  But when the next fiscal year is mentioned my head uncontrollably jerks around and I think, I must have stepped into one of those wormholes I’ve read about. It’s because when people talk about the upcoming fiscal they usually don’t say 2019-2020 what they say is 19-20 and they don’t pronounce the dash.  So when folks are standing around talking about the budget for 19-20 what I’m hearing is budget projections for 1920 and I think one of us has real problems.


Speaking of the year, 2019 so far has been hard to love.  At the beginning of the year I was convinced that 2019 had set as its goal to beat out 2018 as the wettest year on record.  Then we had a couple of unbelievably nice days with clear skies and temperatures approaching 80 and I just starting to like 2019.  But now its back with the rain and even thunder storms. Someone needs to have a talk with 2019 and tell her that there is no chance of beating out 2018 unless at least two hurricanes come through in the fall so she might as well back off and let us dry out for a few days.