For fans of Rhino Shorts, rest assured the online Rhino Times will continue to publish Rhino Shorts, but they will be posted as they are written throughout the week. Under the Hammer will also be posted throughout the week.


Orson Scott Card, known to Rhino readers as Uncle Orson, will be having a book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Friendly Center on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. to sign copies of his latest book, A Town Divided by Christmas.

From now until Christmas, Card also will be signing and personalizing books for the Friendly Center Barnes & Noble. This is one of those benefits of living in Greensboro because this is not available in any other Barnes & Noble store.

You have to buy one of Card’s books that is on the list, but fortunately that list includes Ender’s Game. Then you leave it at Barnes & Noble. Card comes in on Mondays to sign the books that have been left, and then you can pick them up, take them home and put them under the tree. But, as long as you’re careful, nobody can tell if you read them first.


After some storms that cause a lot of tree damage, the city relaxes its yard waste pickup requirements and will pick up any tree debris that is out by the street. Getting debris from Hurricane Michael picked up is a little different. The city will still pick up tree debris that doesn’t meet the normal requirements for being in cans, bagged or bundled, but you have to call the city before Nov. 26 and request the pickup.

The number to call is (336) 373-2489. Or you can use the GSO Collects app or email the city at


I’ve been throwing away a lot of stuff lately, trying to clean out my office, and that includes a lot of old press releases from 2013 that were set aside and forgotten.

One thing that has not changed in the past five years is that press releases about the Downtown Greenway are constant, and another is that the Downtown Greenway only exists on maps, not in reality.

I assume the Downtown Greenway is closer to completion, but it is amazing how many press releases a walking trail that isn’t open can generate. Greensboro has a host of walking trails that are open and those trails are rarely the subject of press releases.

It makes me wonder if some day in 2025 or 2030, when the Downtown Greenway is actually completed, the press releases about it will stop.


The new e-Rhino Times is going to cause a drastic change in my schedule. My weeks have for many years centered around a Wednesday night print deadline. It’s going to take me some time to adjust to Tuesday and Wednesday just being days of the week and not panic days.

I’m looking forward to getting into a more normal schedule, but I fear for a while I’ll be waking up Wednesday night wondering where I am and if the paper has been sent.


I walk in the JDRF One Walk every year, and in the past the walk has been from Grasshopper stadium through Fisher Park, around Latham Park and back, requiring parts of major thoroughfares such as Elm and Eugene to be blocked off to traffic.

This year the walk was at Country Park. No streets were blocked off, and I don’t know from a fundraising standpoint if that affected things, but as a walker it wasn’t much different. The parking was easier and I didn’t get any wetter walking around the park than I would have walking downtown in the rain.

It seems that with so many walks and runs taking place and more people living downtown that the city is going to have to come up with a policy to move more events off the roads. The city has a lot of great parks and trails that could be utilized.


I know last week I was complaining about not knowing what time it was, and I think the time gods decided to punish me.

Somehow, and I swear I didn’t touch it, the clock in my car is now exactly three hours fast. It is an analogue clock and even the smart millennials I’ve asked can’t figure out how to reset it, which makes me feel better, but doesn’t do anything about fixing the clock.

The good news is that being off by three hours is much better than being off by one. I rarely know what time it is but I do know within an hour or two, so at least the clock doesn’t fool me.