We have traditionally run corrections in Rhino Shorts and even though with an online publication there’s not much need for corrections, since you can correct a story at any time, I thought this one was worth running.

In The Weekly Hammer column “Being A Faux VIP And Lovin’ It” I got the name wrong of the guy in charge of the whole operation, Dave Monroe, resident agent in charge of the Diplomatic Security Service of the US Department of State. Dave also happened to be the guy that I road around with in the car for two days and the only person I knew in the whole operation. The article had his name twice as Dave Malone.

Thursday I received a very nice email from Angela French of the Diplomatic Security Public Affairs Office of the Department of State informing me of my error. I shot an email right back to her, apologizing and saying the name would be corrected in two minutes. Except I didn’t send the email to Angela French at the State Department, I sent it to Angela Wynes the transit manager for the City of High Point.

There is nothing quite like fixing one mistake with another. Fortunately Angela Wynes sent me an email, saying she thought I had sent my email to the wrong Angela and I had.

So I’d like to offer apologies to Dave Monroe, Angela French and Angela Wynes for adding confusion to their day. I’m pretty sure I got it all straightened out, but I’m a little scared to check my email.

And I would also like to thank Angela French, the Angela with the Department of State, for the photo that ran with the column, something else I forgot to do.