I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for a few months now and it is an amazing device.  Sitting at a long boring City Council meeting I can check and see if boredom makes my heart rate go up or down.  Then I can try to lower my heart rate by breathing deeply and thinking I’m somewhere else.  I can always check on exactly how many steps I have taken so far that day and how many miles that is.

It’s a high tech device, but I wonder what happened to high tech when it comes time to recharge it. The recharger looks like it was created by a retired clothespin designer.  Every other recharging device I own snaps in place or plugs into the device. The Fitbit recharger has clips and pins and you have to get it just right or it doesn’t work at all.  It appears completely out of context with the high tech device itself.  But then again when you’re looking for the Fitbit recharger there is no chance that you will mistake some other recharger for it, which I suppose is a plus.


Greensboro traffic lights were once timed by a man with stopwatch today they are on a computer system which makes me wonder why on New Year’s Day when there was hardly any traffic downtown, the lights were set like they are for a normal work day.  The “No Left Turn Light” at North Elm Street and Friendly Avenue which only comes on during the busiest times of the day, was on just like it was a regular Tuesday.

Why the City of Greensboro believes it is advantageous to have cars idling at red traffic lights when there isn’t another car in sight has always been a mystery to me, but I have come to accept it as part of living in the Gate City.


If I’d written this down I could be sure, but the daffodils along my front walk were up before Christmas and I think that is the earliest ever.  They must like wet weather or maybe that snow in early December fooled them into thinking it was later in the year.