Momentum is a huge factor in political races – almost as important as money.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was in Greensboro on Tuesday, Oct. 25 for a fundraiser for 13th District Congressman Ted Budd, who is in a tight race against Cheri Beasley for the open North Carolina Senate seat.

Cruz, in the midst of a 17-state bus tour, is bringing some of his momentum to Republican candidates at campaign events and fundraisers.

Cruz is nothing if not optimistic about Republicans taking over control of the US House and Senate.

Speaking at the fundraiser, Cruz said that in November the country was going to see, “not just a red wave but a red tidal wave.”

He added, “For that to happen, North Carolina is critical.”

Cruz said that because of the immigration policy of President Joe Biden’s administration, “The Rio Grande Valley is turning bright red.”  He said that, in a first, three Republican Hispanic women were going to be elected from that area.

Cruz said, “People are energized. They’re hungry.  This path we are on isn’t working.”

Cruz compared this election to 2010, and said it was, “the beginning of a shift in the direction of the country.”

He said that in his travels across the country he was finding that many Biden voters were having buyer’s remorse.

When asked about the gun rights, Cruz said that the words of the Second Amendment, that the rights “shall not be infringed,” didn’t leave any wiggle room.  He added, “Today’s Democrats have literally zero concern about what the Constitution says.”

When asked about his recent appearance on The View, Cruz said, “It was crazy, but to be honest, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

On Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, Cruz said, “What Biden is doing is not complicated.  He’s trying to buy votes.”

Cruz added that if a case could get to the Supreme Court, he felt certain it would be overturned, but getting a case in court would be a big problem.

When Budd spoke, he said that all across the state people were talking to him about inflation and the real problems it was causing them.  He said that high gas prices plus the ever-increasing cost of groceries were putting people in a bind, where they had to choose whether to put gas in their car, buy groceries or clothes for their kids.

Budd said that Republicans needed to be elected to stop the outrageous spending in Washington. He said, “We need to stomp on the brake pedal and stop what they’re doing right now.”

Budd said it was time to do away with “the woke, leftist, socialist agenda.”

About his opponent Budd said, “She is running away from her record while I’m running toward mine.”