Guilford County Schools Campaigning For The Democrats

Dear Editor,

Last week Guilford County Board of Education Chair Deena Hayes and Vice Chair Winston McGregor blatantly used their board positions to attack a small grassroots non-profit organization in an effort to disparage Republican school board candidates.

Hayes and McGregor accused Take Back Our Schools (TBOS) of illegal political actions stating in their letter to the Board of Elections, Secretary of State and Attorney General that TBOS is operating as 501(c)3, even though TBOS identifies as a 501(c)4. Turns out TBOS is indeed a 501(c)4 as registered with the IRS and is legally able to engage in political activity.

Hayes and McGregor are either completely ignorant of how 501(c)3’s and 501(c)4’s work or they are using their elected positions to purposefully damage the reputation of Republican candidates. Considering both Hayes and McGregor operate 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, I tend to think the latter.

In addition, Superintendent Oakley hosted a “Better Together” forum with faith leaders this week. The attendees, by invitation only, included Alan Sherouse, a local pastor. Sherouse is a Democrat candidate for the at-large school board seat. Why did Oakley invite Sherouse knowing he is running for a BOE seat? Could she not have left him off the guest list considering the advantage it could have on his race? Or if it was so important to have Sherouse attend the forum, could Oakley not have waited until after the election to host the event?

Seems Dr. Oakley is working in tandem with Hayes and McGregor to undermine the voters.

Guilford County residents are aware that out of 117 GCS schools, 59 are low-performing schools. We are aware that more than 50 percent of grades 3-8 students are NOT proficient in reading and math. We are aware of the discipline issues and violence in our schools. And we are aware of how badly GCS has handled the bond money which is in essence our tax dollars.

It’s time for real leadership by honorable citizens who will do right by Guilford County residents.

Let’s elect Demetria Carter, At-Large; Tim Andrew, District 6; Linda Welborn, District 4; and Crissy Pratt, District 2 for Guilford County Board of Education.

Maria Adams