Greensboro Police Department (GPD) and other law enforcement officers responding to a call about a large “block party” at The Province Apartments on Houston Street had bottles and rocks thrown at them and their vehicles at 12:42 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25.

When Greensboro police officers initially arrived, according to the police report, “they encountered a very large crowd standing in the roadways of Fulton Street and Houston Street, as well as obvious overcrowding within the apartment’s residential units.”

The police officers on the scene called for backup from other GPD patrol units as well as the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies.  It was after these additional law enforcement personnel arrived on the scene that the officers were pelted with bottles and rocks.

As a response to the rocks and bottles being thrown, officers utilized a “pepper fogger spray (larger handheld version of their personal pepper spray designed for use with multiple subjects).” Police also deployed a single cannister of CS gas, which is commonly called tear gas and is a non-toxic irritant. At that point, the large crowd dispersed without further incident.

Despite being pelted with rocks and bottles, no officers were injured and no arrests were made at the time.  However, the investigation into the disturbance is continuing.

There were also no injuries or requests for medical assistance made to the officers on the scene from those in the crowd.

Because the pepper fogger spray and tear gas were used, an internal investigation will be conducted to determine if GPD policies regarding the use of force were followed.

Almost exactly year ago, the GPD responded to two similar incidents on Clifton Road, where large parties overcrowded upper level apartments causing structural damage.  Parts of those buildings collapsed while they were occupied.

Callers who reported the initial disturbance noted this concern to Guilford Metro 911.