It seems like every Fourth of July event is being canceled, but here is one that isn’t – the “Protest for America” at the Phill G. McDonald Plaza in downtown Greensboro between the Old Guilford County Court House and Greensboro city hall.

It’s being held Saturday, July 4 from 10 a.m. to noon

The protest is being held by the 6th Congressional District Republican Party. It’s extremely hard to keep up, but under the current redistricting, which is guaranteed to last at least until the November election, if you live in Guilford County you live in the new 6th Congressional District. If you live in Winston-Salem, there is a good chance you live in the 6th District, which now encompasses all of Guilford County and the southeastern portion of Forsyth County including most of Winston-Salem.

In years past this would be called a political rally, but under the current regulations protests are allowed, so it is officially a protest and has all the required permits.

13th District Congressman Ted Budd will be the featured speaker. 6th District Republican candidate Lee Haywood and the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson, are also expected to speak along with a number of elected officials from local and state government. Speakers will also include representatives of Blexit, NC, Women’s Suffrage Centennial and the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

Chairwoman of the 6th Congressional District Republican Party Tina Forsberg said, “In addition to protesting the handling of our current health and social crises, this will be a celebration of America at a time when unity and commitment to American virtues are most needed.”

Aryn Schloemer, finance chair, said, “We will safely and legally assemble to assert and honor liberty and justice for all, without which we will be hard pressed to punch out of this lockdown and then recover.”

The press release states, “Equal opportunity, strong families, safe communities and hopeful economic prospects are some of the proven American strategies – Republican strategies – that we must embrace, not destroy. This will be the subject of the July 4, 2020, Protest for America.”