Greensboro is evidently part of the solution to New York City’s homeless problem according to an article in The New York Post.

New York City has a program that gives homeless people a bus ticket and a will pay rent for them for a year, where ever they go, as long as they go somewhere.

Newark has evidently gained a considerable number of homeless people due to this program and have threatened to sue.

Closer to home, the mayor of Fayetteville, which reportedly got more homeless people from New York than any other city in North Carolina, was quoted as saying that he has not ruled out legal action.

However, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan is not too worried about it and said, “suing them would be an over reaction.”

Vaughan said, “According to the article New York sent four people here and I don’t know if four people is actionable, besides they gave them rent for a year.”

She said, “If they came down here with a year’s worth of rent, I don’t see any point in suing New York.”

She said we have no way to know who they are or if they have applied for services.

Vaughan said more concerning to her was the persistent rumor that when people get out of prison in Raleigh they are given bus tickets to Greensboro.

Vaughan said that she had spoken with City Councilmember Michelle Kennedy, who runs the Interactive Resource Center, a daytime shelter for homeless people, and Kennedy said she had never been able to find any evidence that the rumor was true.

Vaughan said that if it is true that New York was paying for homeless people to travel to Greensboro she assumed it was because they had friends or family here and that Greensboro wasn’t chosen at random.

So other mayors may be all worked up over the idea of New York shipping some of their homeless population to them, but Vaughan doesn’t seem too concerned about it.