The NAACP is a tough grader.

The NAACP recently released “Greensboro Branch NAACP Greensboro City Council Report Card” and the City Council did not make honor roll.

The 87-page report goes into detail on the issues selected for grading the City Council and the grade most often received on those issues by councilmembers was C.  There were a few B’s a couple of A’s and D’s, but on the vast majority of issues most members of the City Council the mayor included received a grade of C.

For example, in the grading on “MWBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise Equity,” City Councilmember Sharon Hightower received a B and Mayor Nancy Vaughan and every other city councilmember received a C.

The C’s for the other councilmembers may be understandable, but Hightower talks about and fights for the MWBE program at every City Council meeting.  Hightower often votes against contracts if in her opinion the MWBE percentage is not high enough regardless of whether or not the MWBE goals were met.

Hightower almost always votes against awarding the contract, if the contract did not meet the MWBE goals but did meet the “good faith effort” requirement.

The issues the members of the City Council were graded on were: Economic Inclusion, Police Accountability, Housing, Poverty, Health and Wellness, LGBTQIA, Criminality, Reparations, Marijuana Decriminalization, Environmental/Climate, Budget and Self Assessment.

MWBE Equity is a subcategory under Economic Inclusion and both Hightower and Mayor Nancy Vaughan received B grades while the rest of the members of the City Council received C’s.

Former at large City Councilmember Michelle Kennedy and City Councilmember Hugh Holston, who was appointed to replace her in September 2021, were not graded.

The only category where no member of the council received a C was Police Accountability.  In that category Councilmembers Yvonne Johnson, Justin Outling and Tammi Thurm received B’s and Vaughan and Councilmembers Hightower, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Nancy Hoffmann, and Goldie Wells all received D’s.

Members of the City Council were given the opportunity to comment on their grades and those comments are included in the report.