McCrory’s TV Ads

Dear Editor,

The US government is destroying the value of your savings and earnings via money printing at a galloping 8 percent annual rate.  It ignores laws in persecuting conservatives (targeting Republican congressmen and people protesting the stolen election).  It ignores laws by opening what used to be the US southern border to an invasion of 3 million illegal immigrants.  It forces Americans to call men “women” and forces them to accept corrupt lies about public health or lose their jobs – careers to which they’ve often dedicated their lives.  It has fomented a horrible spike in crime with the help of BLM/Antifa.

It is as though the ruling class is trying to suicide the country.

So, in view of the dire problems our country faces, what is Senate candidate Pat McCrory’s only topic of concern, as he spends millions on TV ads?  His only message is to slander Congressman Ted Budd, who has generally opposed the ruling class’s attempts to destroy America (as much as a minority party congressman can).  Even worse is that in order to slander Budd, McCrory has had to purposefully lie, splicing film to create the false impression that Budd befriended Putin.

By these ads, McCrory has exposed his values and lack of character.

Who needs Democrats when you have a Republican behave deceitfully with such malice?

Will Ferrell