The Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts continues to surpass expectations.

Hamilton wrapped up its run with an attendance of over 65,000, a little less than Wicked, which attracted over 66,000 during its run.  But Hamilton was an add-on and not part of the scheduled Broadway season.

In an email, Greensboro Coliseum Managing Director Matt Brown said, “The Tanger Center is thrilled to have hosted over 65,000 fans during an amazing three-week run of ‘Hamilton.’ The capacity crowds provided another tremendous impact for downtown Greensboro and our entire Triad region.  We look forward to concluding our enormously successful inaugural season with ‘Mean Girls’ in September and then continuing our record-setting success with the 2022-2023 First Bank Broadway season.”

The Greensboro City Council meeting on April 19 also had some good news about Tanger on the agenda, although some people misunderstood the meaning of the agenda item.

The agenda item was “Ordinance in the Amount of $12,000,000 Amending the Performing Arts Fund.”

Mayor Nancy Vaughan said, “I do want to say that this is really good news. Because the performing arts center is making more money than we thought they would and I know that some people read this, nobody here on Council, but I’ve been contacted by people who read the agenda and were afraid that we were giving an additional $12 million to the Tanger Center to help it out for its losses and I had to explain that its actually really, really good news.”

The background in the agenda states, “During FY 21-22 the Tanger Center has experienced record sales and attendance. The projected additional expenses and revenues are due to better than anticipated event activity from the original budgeted process for FY 21-22, including the addition or 24 performances of Hamilton. The budget ordinance will provide the additional appropriations necessary to maintain operations for events through the end of the year. Additional revenues received by the Performing Arts Fund will offset these appropriations. No General Fund support is necessary.”