Even without knowing that the Guilford County Board of Elections had a Democratic majority, you could surmise that from the placement of the early voting sites.

And the Guilford County Board of Elections does have a Democratic majority, as does the North Carolina State Board of Elections and the other 99 county boards of elections.

It doesn’t matter that the Republicans have sizable majorities in both the state House and Senate. The boards of elections are ruled by Democrats because North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is a Democrat and appoints the chair of each of the five member boards in the state.

East Greensboro votes heavily Democratic, with the vote totals for Democrats in some precincts being over 90 percent, and there are seven early voting sites in east Greensboro. Other heavily Democratic areas also are dotted with early voting sites.

Northwest Guilford County votes Republican, not with anywhere near the same percentages, but Republican.

The map shows no early voting sites in Summerfield with a population of 11,278, the third largest municipality in Guilford County after Greensboro and High Point. There are also no early voting sites in Stokesdale with a population of 5,458, the sixth largest municipality in Guilford County. In fact, the only early voting site in that portion of the county is in Oak Ridge with a population of 6,977, the fifth largest municipality in the county.

Sedalia, with a population of 678, coming in at ninth out of the 10 municipalities in Guilford County has an early voting site.

Pleasant Garden, with a population of 4,907, the seventh largest in the county has an early voting site as does Jamestown, with a population of 4,007, the eighth largest in the county.

The northwest quadrant of the Greensboro, which is considered more conservative, has four early voting sites – Lewis Recreation Center, Bur-Mil Club, Leonard Recreation Center and GTCC Cameron Campus, which is listed as being Colfax but is actually in Greensboro.