The majority of the Greensboro City Council supports doing away with loose leaf collection.

However, Greensboro residents who like the current loose leaf collection program will get at least one more year of raking their leaves to the street and having them picked up by the city.

At the Thursday, Aug. 10 work session in the Plaza Level Conference Room, Deputy City Manager Chris Wilson said that there was no way the city could implement the new leaf and yard waste collection system recommended by city staff this year. The new system calls for each residence to be issued a 95 gallon yard waste bin, which will be the same as the bins currently used for garbage and recycling, with the notable exception that the yard waste bin will be gray.

Wilson said that the yard waste bins would have to be ordered and the earliest the new system could be put in place was in the next fiscal year, which begins on July 1, 2024.

The City Council did agree that plastic yard waste bags should be banned and that should be done this fall, perhaps as early as September. So those residents who have plastic yard waste bags should use them up as soon as possible.

The new system calls for each residence to receive a 95 gallon yard waste bin, and for excess yard waste, such as leaves that won’t fit in the bin, residents will be required to use biodegradable paper bags that cost about 50 cents each. During most of the year people will be allowed to place 10 biodegradable paper bags of yard waste on the street for weekly collection. During the leaf season, from Nov. 1 to the second week in February, the limit will be raised to 15 bags per week.

Wilson said that once the new system is in place, leaves raked to the street would be considered a “nuisance” and would be dealt with in the same fashion as other code violations, which means fines and penalties.