The Greensboro City Council is facing a number of pressing issues.

The city is on track to shatter the all-time homicide record this year and has a major shortage of police officers.  There is both a housing shortage and an affordable housing crisis. The situation with the homeless population has reached the point that even Guilford County is getting involved, just to name a few.

However, on Thursday, Aug. 10, the City Council chose to devote half of the work session held in the Plaza Level Conference Room to what was essentially a commercial for Cone Health.

Two representatives of Cone Health spent about an hour talking about how good Cone Health was for the community, in part because it is a not-for-profit corporation run by a board of trustees. They talked about how Cone Health was going provide more equitable healthcare for the people of Greensboro and increase its presence in East Greensboro.

The representatives of Cone Health said that there was currently a disparity of healthcare options in Greensboro that was both economic and geographic.

To their credit, the representatives from Cone would not agree that not-for-profit entities provided better healthcare than for-profit entities, despite being encouraged to do so by City Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann.

Councilmember Sharon Hightower did note that one of the healthcare facilities the presentation listed in East Greensboro no longer existed and she said, “There are racial disparities, but we don’t want to address that.”

She said, “We are becoming the majority population but we get the least amount of services.”

It is worth noting that Cone Health has announced that it plans a legal challenge to an Atrium Wake Forest Baptist hospital facility that was recently approved by the state for a site on Horse Pen Creek Road, not far from the new Cone MedCenter on Drawbridge Parkway, which is definitely not in East Greensboro.

After the presentation, Mayor Nancy Vaughan said that before COVID-19 the city had been considering creating a new position in city government that would be a direct liaison with the healthcare industry and maybe it was time to look at adding that position again.