The appointment of a District 3 Guilford County board of education member is far from over according to NC State Rep. Jon Hardister.

When asked if the appointment of Bill Goebel to fill the District 3 Guilford County school board seat on April 4 meant that the issue was settled, Hardister said, “It’s not over.  It’s certainly not over.”

Hardister said, “Local governments, such as school boards, are political subdivisions of the state and the state has tremendous power over them.”

He said, “In my view the school board has defied the law twice now.  Our discussions at the state level is what can we do to rectify that.”

Hardister said that he was in discussions with both the state House and Senate leadership to determine the best way to move forward.

He said, “We’re strongly considering taking additional action and there could be legislation introduced shortly.”

Hardister said that when the school board refused to seat Michael Logan, the nominee of the Guilford County Republican Party, he took action to clarify and strengthen the law.  He said, “I strongly disagree with the school board’s interpretation of the law.”

Hardister said, “What I want to see is that the law is respected and upheld.  The law, decency and fairness has to be respected and thus far it has not been.”

Hardister said that the Guilford County Republican Party could file a lawsuit, but added, “The GOP shouldn’t have to spend money to get its nominee seated.  It’s not possible in good conscience to ignore something like that.”

Hardister said, “Bill Goebel is a friend of mine and I don’t hold any animosity toward Bill. I know a lot of Republicans are pretty upset with him right now and I think he could have and should have handled things differently.”

Hardister said that Goebel could step aside or the state could decide to replace him.