Federal Agents In Jan. 6 Crowd

Dear Editor,

“FBI Had ‘At Least 40′ Undercover Informants Instigating Trouble on January 6” (as reported by Sarah Arnold on Townhall April 6 and a few other non-Mockingbird-media sources).

Furthermore, we see videos of a small number of people at the Capitol that day breaking windows, being violent, and encouraging others to break the law – like Ray Epps – and invariably they have not been prosecuted or even questioned.

I think it would be illustrative as to the nature of the Department of Justice to know if any of the convicted J6 people are those caught on video being violent.  Rather than being vets and grandmothers who walked through open doors by passive cops into the “people’s house.”

Will Ferrell


Against Lifetime Appointments

Dear Editor,

I think that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be impeached but it probably won’t happen. I am against lifetime appointments for any government official, politician or public servant.” I am a firm believer in term limits. Judges can take your life, liberty, property and end your pursuit of happiness. Some judges think they are better than the “common man.” Their power should be limited.

Chuck Mann