What Was Biden Thinking?

Dear Editor,

There’s a song by country star Dierks Bentley called “What Was I Thinking?” and you have to wonder if Uncle Joe’s handlers/caretakers were thinking that the day after his bizarre Charlie Chaplin “The Little Dictator” like show. If the (National Socialist) Democrat Party handlers thought this was a good idea, they are, IMO, beginning to believe they can shed the disguises they’ve been wearing.

People are trying to defend the background saying it was red, white and blue. I saw the blue on the flanks and the red in the middle, but where was the white? If it’s there somewhere someone please tell me where and I’ll admit I’m wrong. And if the idea was to use the national colors, why was the red used so prominently displayed in the middle. And what was with the two Marines, again prominently displayed, in the background for the duration of the speech. I’m sorry but it looked like something some tin pot dictator would do.

Add to that the content of the speech. It seemed to focus, for the most part, on dreaded MAGA Republicans, the disloyal opposition, the not-so-underground violent revolutionaries that want to bring down the DNCs Social … I mean United States of Amerika. I mean America (sorry for the typo). Where were the issues of gas prices, the poor performance of our public schools, the high prices on everyday wants and needs of the American people, the nonexistence of our southern border, the fentanyl crisis that’s slowly destroying this country (see southern border comment)? And BTW, remember MAGA stands for Make America Great Again. If that’s a bad thing, then I guess I’m a MAGA conservative and by their definition a fascist who needs to be shunned and locked up. And though I’m an old man, I dare anyone to call me a fascist to my face (Chris) and not hide behind print.

Warning … I don’t fight fair.

One last comment on the Joe and Jill show. Did anybody notice the jacket Jill was wearing? Light blue and cut to resemble the jacket of an American colonial soldier. Very nice touch, Jill.  Kudos to your handlers.

The whole show was an insult to great national symbols and the city of Philadelphia. The only thing missing was the Imperial March music that was played for Darth Vader and the emperor when they entered a room.

I stand for the Republic. Do you?

Alan Marshall



Ban Smoking In Public

Dear Editor,

As far as cleaning up the city streets goes, first-stop public smoking. I cannot pass any public doorway, park or street and not see where some lazy, nicotine addicted individual has not cared enough to put their cigarette butts in the trash. The Murrow Boulevard Post Office tries to maintain a nice lawn for the city and customers, but there should be cameras, follow-up and heavy fines for these litters. Smokers who stand in doorways of buildings stinking the air for others and then leaving their trashy butts for others to clean.

How about those who smoke while in their cars?  They should be required to keep their windows closed while smoking and use their ashtrays for the butts. If they like smoking so much why not enjoy the smoke with windows closed. Usually the smokers have their hands holding the cigarette out their window closer to the window of the next driver than to their own noses.

I don’t want to put tobacco farmers out of business but help them get in a meaningful crop. Why are we supporting so many harmful crops and products?
N. J. R. Wells