You Asked For It, You Got It

Dear Editor,

The Greensboro City Council is seriously considering (read; it WILL happen) a food tax on prepared food and beverages.

You asked for it, you got it.

But wait! It gets better! Other members of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party want to get in on the action!

County Commissioner Chairman Skippy Alston not only thought it was a good idea, he ran it across the line by saying it was a great idea if it included County residents as well! (Read; working on a way to make it happen)

In a quote from Alston to the Rhino Times…” When Alston was asked if he expected to back the proposed new food tax he said “Yes,” but he added that it depended on how the money would be distributed.”

“The African American community must get its fair share of the funds it will generate,” he said.”

I’m sorry, what was that?  “…must get its fair share of the funds it will generate,” he said.” Did I read that right? I could swear he is implying that black businesses don’t get treated fairly by the County. If I’m reading that wrong, please let me know. And if black businesses are not getting their fair share I would be the first to call out who ever it is that’s responsible.

When he was challenged in the article he said “…he did not mean to imply that.” He said he just wanted to make sure “…there should be guardrails in place to see that the black community gets its share of the proceeds.” Again, what are you implying? Who would be responsible for creating these guardrails? And why do Democrats always try to find some way to get race involved?

Former Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad really said it best; “If you want the tax, put it on the ballot.” Of course you could bet it wouldn’t get far so stay tuned for their (the (NS)DP) planning session since they currently hold the majority.

Fortunately, this would require approval at the state level and since the Republicans hold the majority there we are safe for now…for now.

So, all you restaurants outside the city limits of Greensboro get ready for a rush on business if (when) this shakedown goes through.

Let the name calling begin!

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall