Proposed Community Center Costs Way Out Of Line

Dear Editor,

I have written to all members of Greensboro City Council to ask them to closely examine the proposed costs of the East Gate City Boulevard (EGCB) plan, especially the Windsor-Chavez-Nocho community center.  My understanding is that the price tag for that center is upwards of $60 million.  While the concept of a joint library-recreation center is excellent, this proposed cost seems to me to be way out of line.  For instance, Arlington, Texas, opened such a facility in 2020 for a total cost of $20.4 million – one third the proposed cost of Windsor-Chavis-Nocho.  Readers who are interested can find detailed information at this site.

The EGCB plan states that Greensboro’s facility will be the first in the nation, a statement that appears counter to the facts since Arlington has had one up and operating since 2020.

Please contact your City Council representative to ask them to look closely at this before approving the plan.

James Bennett



Questions About Former American Hebrew Academy

Dear Editor,

I have followed the purchase of the American Hebrew Academy by Puxin, and not one news item explains the administration paying $50 million to house teach and care for 800 migrants in this luxurious school.


Why do illegals/migrants receive this while our children do not?

Why isn’t the fact that the Chinese Educational Corp. is receiving millions considered news?

Why isn’t it news worthy to alert taxpayers that Chinese companies are teaching children?

Frances Keyes


Editor’s Note: The Rhino Times has written a number of articles about the former American Hebrew Academy being used to house migrant children. This article  details the ownership of the site.