At high noon on Tuesday, July 18, the Guilford County Board of Elections got a major makeover.

At the meeting in the Carolyn Coleman Conference Room in the Old Guilford County Court House in downtown Greensboro, new chair Richard Forrester, a Democrat, was sworn in – and he then took over leadership of the board from chair Jim Kimel, who became chairman in 2019.

Forrester is an attorney who lives in High Point.

In addition to being the new board chair, Forrester is also a brand-new board member.

The current members of the Board of Elections are Forrester, Eugene Lester, Kathryn Lindsey, Carolyn Bunker and Felita Donnell.

When it comes to boards of elections across North Carolina, members are appointed by the State Board of Elections for two-year terms and the governor appoints the chair for each county board.

Given the state of election wars these days, this board may have as tough a job as any past Guilford County Board of Elections.

Though election debates at the local level tend to be less intense than at the national level, the board in Guilford County has had plenty of tough issues to settle in recent years – everything from razor tight elections, to debates over when and where to hold early voting, to trying to figure out if candidates actually reside in the district or town they’re running in.

Among other duties, the Guilford County Board of Elections approves instructions for guiding election, oversees the elections, orders ballot recounts, and holds hearings on election protests.

Things are a little slow right now for the board, but with election season heating up that is about to change. There are no elections for the City of Greensboro or the Town of Archdale in 2023, but there are plenty of other places – like Summerfield, for one – where the election outcomes could have a dramatic effect on the county’s future.

Guilford County is currently in the final week of the filing period for people wishing to run for municipal offices this year. Candidates have until noon Friday, July 21 to file.

If you’re thinking about throwing your hat in the ring this time around, notices of candidacy filed – must be paid – in a county Board of Elections Office, or notarized and received (not postmarked) in the office by noon on Friday, July 21.

Guilford County has two elections offices:

  • The Old County Courthouse, 301 W. Market St. in Greensboro
  • 325 E. Russell Ave. in High Point