Some Tough Choices In March 5 Republican Primary

Dear Editor,

Who are the best candidates?

Bill Graham has just unleashed a viciously disgusting ad slandering Mark Robinson.  That and Sen. Tom Tillis endorsing him should eliminate Graham as anyone a conservative or libertarian person would want to vote for.  Mark Robinson and Dale Folwell both really seem like excellent candidates for governor.  I invite anyone on this site to make the case for one over the other, as I am having trouble deciding which one to vote for.

In a similar vein, there are a number of candidates running for the Republican nomination for the 6th District Congressional seat being vacated by Swamp creature Congresswoman Kathy Manning.  I can eliminate one: In 2022 Castelli spent a lot of money on ads to get the nomination (even as said Yankee didn’t even live in the district); yet in the general election, he barely went through the motions of running a campaign at all—as though he might have been a Manning shill.

The issues being emphasized by the other five candidates on their websites make them all rather appealing.  Trump has endorsed the sketchiest of the five, Addison McDowell, but Trump has endorsed any number of losers (from Tillis to Dr. Oz).  A pro-free market group has endorsed Bo Hines.  But the regularity with which Republican politicians turn out to be slugs is alarming.  It is why our country is on the verge of being suicided by its ruling class.  The Rhino Times could do a service by asking each of the candidates if they will enthusiastically join the Freedom Caucus, as an indicator they aren’t “controlled opposition” type Republicans.

So again, if anyone has insight as to the goodness of one of these five candidates, I hope you’ll enlighten us on this page.  Give people wanting individual freedom and limited government that isn’t so corrupt a candidate to coalesce behind if you can.

Will Ferrell