Two Tiered System

Dear Editor,

I spent time watching the difference between the coverage of the news regarding Uncle Joe and the report on the classified documents. As I expected, FOX, MSNBC, and CNN had their own spin on the report, and in one case, MSNBC had a scorecard-like banner that said Trump 91 Biden 0 referring to the charges pending.

But what I found really fun to watch is the MSNBC crew getting near apoplectic trying to defend Uncle Joe. Did President Trump do wrong with the handling of classified material? Based on what I’ve learned so far, most likely. But to have him being prosecuted and Uncle Joe being given a total and complete pass for the same thing is a true and obvious injustice.

They are saying ‘well, Uncle Joe gets a pass because he’s old and confused’…for the past 17+ years. Not just illegally kept that long, but kept in boxes in a garage, a basement, and a closed down office. At least Trump had some semblance of security having the documents in secured locations.

The portions of the report that talked about Biden’s actions outlined quite a bit about his apparent diminished mental capacity and implied it’s been obvious to those close to him. If even a small percentage of it is true, why is this man allowed to access the nuclear football? And what truly makes this report bizarre is the writer says he should not be charged for doing the same thing the (National Socialist) Democrat Party has put President Trump on trial for, the reason being Uncle Joe is an old man with reduced mental capacity.

Ladies and gentlemen, this whole thing proves, IMO, that there is a two tiered system in this country and those who are supposed to represent us consider themselves our keepers, not our representatives. Those in Washington (on both sides of the aisle) appear to consider themselves our keepers. In fact the overwhelming majority of our “elected representatives at almost every level see their roles as our parents, not our employees.

Folks, it is past time to stand up, confront these dangerous clowns, and tell them, in no uncertain terms, “You work for the US! WE put you in that position!”

I’d suggest people do a quick review on how a Representative Republic is supposed to work and learn from it.

Remember the words of Captain John Parker.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall