A dental building donated to Guilford County a decade and a half ago by a husband and wife owned dental practice is having a more positive impact each year as the county uses it to provide dental services to kids whose families otherwise might not be able to afford those services.

Guilford County’s Chandler Dental Clinic at 1103 W. Friendly Ave. in Greensboro mainly serves children in the county who are eligible for dental services under their Medicaid coverage.

Over the last three fiscal years – years that run from July 1 to June 30 annually– the clinic has steadily increased the number of patients it serves. In fiscal year 2020-2021, the clinic helped 1,409 unduplicated patients, and, the fiscal year after that, 1,584.  In the last full fiscal year, 2022-2023, the clinic treated 1,687.

The clinic is much needed because most private dental practices only accept a limited number of Medicaid-eligible children for dental services.

The Chandler Dental Clinic will get shown some love when the Guilford County Board of Commissioners meets on Thursday, Feb. 15. The board will announce a $3,000 donation from the Chandler family. That money will be used to turn an existing exam room into a treatment discussion room.

Dr. Chandler and his wife donated the building to the county when their practice  closed in 2007.

The clinic treats mainly children but has some patients up to age 21 if they’re enrolled in Medicaid or NC Health Choice. It also works with some children when families have applied for Medicaid or NC Health Choice but been denied.  In those cases, parents usually pay a reduced fee.

The practice handles checkups, cleanings, some root canals and it offers emergency treatments in case of pain, swelling or infection. The clinic also offers extractions, X-Rays and several other common dental services.

In addition to the Chandler Dental Clinic in Greensboro, similar county services are available in High Point at 501 E. Green Dr.

For appointments in Greensboro, those eligible can call 336-641-3152. For appointments in High Point, the number is 336-641-7733.