One of the hardest jobs in the world is Human Resources director and one of the absolutely very hardest jobs is Human Resources director for Guilford County government, where, among other things, your job is to settle disputes between the roughly 3,000 county employees.

So the Rhino Times wishes good luck to the highly experienced Jaime Joyner, the woman the county has selected as the new Human Resources Director. Joyner, a former HR director for the City of Burlington, is joining Guilford County with more than 23 years of human resources experience, including 19 years in local government.

“I look forward to leading and strengthening the Guilford County Human Resources department,” she said in a prepared statement. “The most rewarding aspect of working in human resources is being able to assist someone no matter where they are in their career. I believe the HR department is key to helping Guilford County move forward, and I am eager to be a part of that.”

In addition to handling employee disputes, complaints about bosses, and sexual harassment claims, the HR department is responsible for Guilford County’s recruitment and selection process, employee relations, and training.

 It also handles compliance procedures with internal rules and policies – not to mention state, federal and local laws.

Assistant County Manager Jason Jones stated in a press release that “An intentional, compassionate, and innovative HR department is critical to us empowering successful people to thrive in a strong community supported by quality government,” and added that “Jaime brings deep cross-functional insight and has made very clear to us her genuine commitment to our values and vision.”

Joyner will start as the new Human Resources Director on Monday, March 4,

Most recently, she served as the HR Director for the Town of Holly Springs in Wake County.

She worked in the private sector before going to work for local governments. She’s been the HR director for the City of Burlington and Rockingham County as well as the Interim Director and Assistant Director of HR for the City of Asheville.

Joyner also served as both a Recruitment Manager and Senior Human Resources Consultant for Forsyth County.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Salem College in Winston-Salem. She’s continued her professional training by undertaking and completing leadership training programs such as the Alamance County Racial Equity Collaborative and Leadership Asheville.