Killing Civilians Is Wrong

Dear Editor,

In Gaza some Israeli soldiers saw the words ”SOS” ”Help Three Hostages” written on a building. Later on three shirtless men were killed even though one was waving a ”white flag.” It turns out that the dead men were Israeli hostages who were asking for help. I learned some things from television when I was a kid. One was that SOS meant that you needed help. Another was that if someone was in a warzone¬†and held up a ”white flag” that meant that they were either surrendering, wanting to negotiate, or they wanted the fighting to stop on both sides.

What exactly are ”the rules for war?” I thought that killing unarmed civilians and destroying schools, hospitals, churches. and refugee camps were bad things and considered war crimes. I guess I was wrong. What Hamas did was wrong, but what the Israeli military is doing to unarmed civilians is wrong as well. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I think that it is wrong for any soldier to kill an unarmed civilian who is waving a white flag.

Chuck Mann